Video Editing Industry in the UK

With the introduction of new video editing software in the market a lot of editors and editors-to-be are having to go back to school. Many production houses are choosing software such as Premium Pro and Adobe because it is cheaper and also because it allows many more functions that allow for better videos. Better yet, training to become proficient in Motion Graphics  is short – most of them take an average of about a week. The question, however, is where to get trained – there are so many schools offering Motion Graphics courses in London and other big cities. So how do you know which one is best?

The first thing to look for in a school is how good instructors are. There are many schools that have instructors who have only been on the job for only one or two years. While they may understand how to use different video editing software they may not be very good teachers – it takes a certain kind of personality to make a good teacher. They have not only to be masters of the content of the course, they also have to be patient with their pupils and be ready to demonstrate as many times as needed. They should be inspiring and full of ideas if they are to produce exceptional students.

You will notice that there are many online introduction courses to motion graphics and you may be tempted to follow this path especially if you are a busy professional. This is never a good idea as these courses are usually complex. If you do them on your own online you may miss a lot of the details, and it will also take you longer. The best thing to do is to take some time off and learn how to use different software in an actual classroom.