The Facts About The Working Of 3d Technology In Movies

The movie viewing experience of the present times has been completely changed by the use of 3D technology. It is so simple, and you just have to wear a pair of glasses, and you feel like the characters on the screen have come alive in front of you. You must have wondered about how this amazing technology works. The process of making of 3D films starts with the placement of two lenses side by side. Just like our eyes, the two lenses capture the same image that is fused together to give the final image.

The glasses that we wear while viewing the movies have the two colors, namely red and cyan. They combine to make use of the three primary colors. As a result of this, the images that you see turn out to be more realistic. The technology used for making 3D films sounds very simple to the ears, but in reality, it is really expensive.

This expense is the hindrance why more and more films are not made using the technology.Besides the theaters also need special screening technologies to run these films and not every place can afford to get those high-cost screens installed. The 3D technology has been around for many years, but the use in the films in a systematic manner is a more recent development.

There are further improvements being made to the technology to make it more appealing. The viewing experience of the audience is about to get more exciting in the times to come.

The Marked Change In Use Of 3d Technology In The Movies

The 3D technology has seen a remarkable change since the period of its inception in the market. The technology used in making the 3D imagery is called anaglyph and the glasses given are known as polarized glasses.The technology was present as early as the 1950s, but with the earlier system, there were several glitches that one had to overcome.

The system of separation of colors on screen was problematic, and the details were difficult to discern as a result. The other problem that people who were viewing movies in 3D often complained off was that the image of the left eye crept over to the right eye. Thus the image that one saw would be blurry and difficult to understand.

The glasses that the earlier theaters used to give had red and blue glasses and not the present red and cyan colored glasses. All the colors could not be distinguished as a result of the combination of the two colors. In the present, improved technology there is no longer any blurring of images or any distortions while viewing the movie. The 3D technology is so improved in the modern times that it is no longer limited to movie theatres. The TVs also give the viewers the option to watch in 3D. There are several computer games that can be played using the 3D technology.

The gaming experience increases manifold when the characters come alive on the screen on the screen in front of you. The games like these are much in demand in the market.