Gyms That’ll Help You Smash Your Fitness Goals, Without The Monetary Commitment

Why I Love Going To the Gym


“I pay for a gym membership every year but it’s a waste of money. I only go a few times and then after that, I have no motivation to go. I often get so busy that the last thing on my mind is a visit to the gym.” This is a familiar refrain with people who have workout goals. They start out with the best intentions but flag along the way. Going to the gym is a habit that you have to develop – you have to make it part of your routine so that it doesn’t seem like a chore. I love going to the gym myself – read on to find out whether you can too:


• is a great place to help me meet my workout goals. I have some exercise equipment at home but I hardly ever use it to my satisfaction. I will get too lazy and just want to rest or I will get busy and soon forget that I ever wanted to get a workout. The gym is great because when I see others working out I am motivated to do the same.


•    At the gym, one of the best gyms in Chatham, I get a “free” trainer. Well, he is not quite free because I pay for him in my membership but he is available to help me any time I want. At the beginning of the year, we set workout goals and then work towards them. He is able to motivate me when I am feeling lazy and he will even call me when I miss a gym session or two.


Lastly, I love going to the gym because of the variety of equipment that is available. At home, I have a treadmill and a few other bits and pieces but nothing like you will find at the gym. It helps make workouts interesting. The Les Mills classes are another great bonus!